About our Kids Classes

Our Classes are YEAR ROUND, and are a DAY TO DAY reinforcement of POSITIVE BEHAVIORS!

         Unlike other sports or school sponsored activities there are no seasons. The KARATE school should be a safe haven for healthy physical activity, morality, and social interaction and ours is. Commitment to Martial Arts training instils in our students discipline, respect and  self-control not to mention enhancing their ability to perform other sports and just plain ability to perform physical activities.

         There is no 1st string, 2nd string,or bench- warming here. Children learn to stand confidently on their own two feet. Building courage and responsibility for them selves. 100% Participation is expected all the time. The more you try the better you get. Feed back from their efforts is immediate. In competition all awards belong to them.  No awards for the school, only personal achievements.  Good sportsmanship truly translates to courtesy, respect, and cooperation outside the class room and into daily life.

Everyone is 1st String!!!!