About our system

Okinawan (Shoreikan) Go-Ju Ryu

Traditional training with modern applications makes our system complete and practical.

Our Seldefense system of practical close quarter combat is from the JRA Martial Arts System. Developed by WCKfitness Senior Instructor Grand Master John R. Anderson.

It covers multiple attackers armed and unarmed plus ground fighting. "Stranger Danger" and anti-abduction techniques are emphasized in our kids classes.

For those with a competitive spirit, our Competition Team's training regimen has been proven to produce many champions. 

       Our system of martial art/Karate is Traditional Okinawan Shoreikan Go-Ju Ryu. Go-Ju's meaning is Hard Soft and is one of the oldest and most influential of the formalized systems of KARATE. So much so that it is also the style that the "KARATE KID " movies and the "COBRA KAI" TV show are based upon.

       Go Ju Ryu is known for it's practicality due to it's emphasis on self defense. Using "HARD" style Okinawan "Te", and "SOFT" style Chinese Gong Fu help to create a realistic response to dangers you may face. Go Ju Ryu's systematic gradual progression of difficulty make it ideal for young children and Senior Citizens alike.  Our system is also unique in it's practice of muscular tension tension, relaxation, and Breath Control. People dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, ADD, and ADHD have benefited greatly from praticing.

      Traditional Okinawan weapons (Kobudo) are included such as Bo, Tonfa, Nunchaku, Kama, and Sai, old school forms and XMA competition forms are taught.